ISSUE 118 - June 2024


MAY 2024

During the past month our colony of Busy Beavers got up to quite a lot. During the weekly meetings we were visited by two police officers who explained the nature of their work and with whom we ultimately made friends.

We completed our Mother's day craft project and gifted it to one of our very best friends: our mum. The Beavers worked hard on this project and really let their creativity flow.

We continued to work on our Friendship challenge by watching the movie UP then using it as a framework for an activity held at the local gardens. The little ones had to help save Kevin's babies, retrieve Mr. Fredricksen's tennis balls, and even escape from Muntz! Through teamwork each lodge was able to inflate some balloons to help Mr. Fredricksen get his house off the ground.

The Colony also participated in a national event held at Għajn Tuffieħa where we learnt about the different stages of a plant's growth and planted our own plant. We participated in a beach clean up, learnt about microplastics and the dangers they pose to wildlife and to ourselves. We even heard the story of Tina the turtle and were visited by Gianni Beaver. It really was a wonderful morning in a packed but fun month!