ISSUE 77 - APRIL 2020


MARCH 2020
Initially, the group had a packed-up schedule for the month of March varying from the Winter Camp to the Day at Gozo. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situation all activities have been cancelled. This also applies for the upcoming activities and meetings. We will communicate again with you once the situation will be better and we will be given the go ahead by the authorities to restart our normal schedule.
On the 29 th of February the group organized a full day of activities for our Leaders and Ventures. We kicked off with some Team Building activities which helped our members get to understand and know more about each other. We also had a very interesting session on our group dynamics.
The day then continued with presentations and brainstorming workshops. The aim of these sessions was to draft a plan which will take us to 2025. Our aim is to always improve ourselves and what we can offer to our young members and their families.
More information will be given out further on during the year.