Upcoming Activities
SUMMER CAMP - 10th - 21st August 2022

Finally the wait is over and the much awaited Summer Camp will is being organized next month between
the 10th and the 21st of August. The Fundraising Get-together and Camp Fire will be held on Sunday 14th
August starting at 7.00 p.m.

Kindly see the below dates and times to know when you or your kid will be camping:

Thursday 4th August - (All Sections) - BOOKING DEADLINE for both the Camp and the Get-Together. Kindly note that no bookings will be accepted following this date.

Wednesday 10th August - 4.00 p.m. @ Domus - (Scouts and Ventures) - We will be transporting part of the equipment and start setting up the campsite. KIDS WILL NOT BE SLEEPING THERE. Just get something to drink with you please.

Thursday 11th August - 07.00 a.m. @ Domus - (Ventures) - We will be heading to the campsite to continue setting up. We will be back home at noon.

Thursday 11th August - 04.00 p.m. @ Store (See below map) - (Scouts and Ventures) - We will meet at the equipment store shown in the map below, load the remaining equipment and head to St.Thomas Bay to start the camp. Kids must get their kits with them. The camp will end on Sunday 21th at 9.00 a.m. Pick-up from Domus.

Friday 12th August - 04.00 p.m. @ Campsite (See below map) - (Cubs) - The Cub Section will come directly to the campsite in St. Thomas Bay. The camp for the Pack will end on Monday 15th at 3.00 p.m. Pick-up from the campsite.

Sunday 14th August - 07.00 p.m. @ Campsite (See below map) - (Parents) - The traditional Get-Together and Campfire will be held on the night. Please make sure to book when booking for the camping with the Section Leaders..

Tuesday 16th August - 09.00 a.m. @ Campsite (See below map) - (Beavers) - The Beavers will be having their day at camp on this day. The event finishes at 2.00 p.m.

Cubs - €30.00
Scouts - €50.00
Ventures - €50.00
Get-Together - €10.00

Activity Review
Fundraising BBQ - 2nd July 2022

A fundraising BBQ was organized ti help raise funds for the Group. We would like to thank everyone that attended and all those who helped make this event a great success. Well done everyone.