Our Group is currently going through several preparations so that once Covid-19 is behind us we will immediately hit the ground running with our plans for the implementation of the Vision 2026 plan.

In order to do so, we are setting up a number of multi-talented teams, whereby each team shall be focusing and specializing in different areas of the Group. The aim of such teams is to improve, strengthen and better prepare our Group for the challenges ahead.

We are thereby reaching out to you, to offer you the opportunity to join our Group as part of our team. In this day and age, it is generally understood that carrying out voluntary work means putting in a lot of “free” time and energy that is not so commonly available in nowadays’ life challenges, but really and truly, every little from everyone helps. The satisfaction that comes from doing such a selfless act of kindness towards our community and society in general goes way beyond one’s expectations and the intangible rewards are priceless. Having said that we truly understand that when it comes to commitment, not everyone can put in the same amount of time but in such circumstances every little helps and would be greatly valued and appreciated by our Group.

Where necessary, training will be provided, and no previous Scouting experience is required. So, if you, or someone you know is interested in helping, simply click on this LINK and fill in the online form.

Once we are all set up to start this new and exciting adventure, we shall be contacting each and every one of you for an introductory meeting. Until then, we thank you for your contribution and support and we look forward to work together as one big team.